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Here on this website we`ll try to review several essay writing services and determine the best ones in terms of speed and quality. We`ll try to find out what custom essay writing services are better than others, why some of them suck, give some examples of good and bad works, make some feedback. Join and help us to make this website better!

Here is how we see the GOOD essay writing process:

The Art of Essay Making

When writing an essay, try the following suggestions. Begin with brainstorming. Oftentimes the commencing part could be the most difficult. Brainstorm your own thoughts on a certain topic after collecting sufficient resource materials for your essay. Pick your points and make note of your arguments prior to starting your first draft. Let your thoughts freely flow during the formulation of your first draft. After you have gathered adequate notes, develop an outline so as to arrange the content of your essay. Determine the spot where you want each illustration to show up within the outline. Once completed, you are prepared to create a first draft.

Essay parts

Do not concern yourself with making the initial draft excellent. Let your ideas flow and write your thoughts on paper. You could possibly make errors, however you will correct these errors in later drafts so you need not worry much. Build the 3 essay parts. First is the introductory part or introduction. This paragraph starts up your essay and allows your readers know what you will be saying about. The second part is the body.  The body contains a number of paragraphs. Here, you will demonstrate your argument with facts and illustrations. The last part is the conclusion. The conclusion will be the paragraph that concludes the essay.  Be specific. Whatever you include in your essay must support your view. These are the secrets to a well written essay.

Look for Creative Angle

When writing an essay, you have to look for a unique perspective that hasn't been largely explored. Your instructor might have read numerous essays with similar tone on a certain topic. To be able to impress your instructor and be given good grade for your paper, you need to explore until you discover a unique angle that you can make the best use of.

Get Feedback

Solicit the opinions of your other teachers, friends or members of the family. Ask if your essay is persuasive and sensible enough. They may be capable of spotting some issues that you may have overlooked. Evaluate the feedback you have solicited and do something about it if necessary, but retain you main position. Proofread and edit your essay. Read it many times. Check if there are misspellings, punctuation and grammatical errors and correct them. Make certain that your essay satisfies the requirement of your instructor. 

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